Coppins has developed para sea anchors with the US military strong enough to protect ANY size vessel. Coppins technology is perfectly suited to enhance the safety of super yachts in blue water.

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A self-contained safety, stabilisation and towing system which is essential equipment for anyone serious about safety and comfort of guests, crew, and owners in adverse conditions. A Coppins Sea Anchor is an insurance policy for your vessel, protecting your investment.


  • Significantly reduces drift in case of a mechanical break down, or emergency situation 
  • Fully integrated emergency towing system 
  • Significantly enhances comfort and safety by stabalising the vessel

Size Range 

Coppins SuperYacht Sea Anchors can be used on any size or style super yacht. Please contact us with your inquiries and we can examine your specific needs and customise a sea anchor system to your requirements.


Coppins Sea Anchors are supplied fully equipped, thoroughly tested and ready for use.

Limiting Liability/Risk

We at Coppins recognise that a large yacht represents a significant capital investment on your part and as such it is imperative that the value of this investment be protected. A Coppins Super Yacht Sea Anchor is the last line of defense between you and catastrophe, offering some peace of mind should the worst case scenario arise.

The ownership of a yacht carries with it obligations and potential liabilities. When a vessel becomes distressed or disabled, it is a serious issue and presents significant safety hazards. Today the protection of the environment from oil and contaminants is also often a very high priority for yacht owners due to the cost of fines and cleanup. Engaging in due diligence and all possible safety precautions can save the owner significant amounts of money should the incident reach litigation.

"Has the Owner acted as a responsible ship owner would?" is a fundamental test which is applied under maritime law. By employing the latest in super yacht safety technology, i.e. a Coppins Super Yacht Sea Anchor, it is demonstrable that safety plays a prominent role in relation to the operating practices and procedures of the vessel in question. The International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea requires yachts used in a commercial manner over 500 tons to have specific procedures in place to maximise safety and the preservation of life. Evacuation and emergency towing procedures are great precautions, but safety equipment is the best way to significantly reduce risk.

Safety Management Systems, Loyds Open Form (LOF) and Salvage Laws

Salvage aims to prevent greater loss to the yacht should it be disabled. Salvage and towing can be extremely expensive depending on the factors at play. LOF is often relied upon to establish salvage awards.

The issues that factor into the value of the award under the LOF are varied, but typically awards are between 10%-25% of the value of the property saved. Factors that come into play are degree of risk, weather conditions, money/lives saved, and the cost incurred by the salvage vessel. Coppins Super Yacht Sea Anchors are perfectly placed to reduce payout under LOF as they reduce risk to the towing vessel and may remove the disabled vessel from peril, creating time for the captain to make a better selection of towing vessel.

For a LOF claim to be awarded three conditions must be met; The property must be in peril, the services must be rendered voluntarily, the salvage must be successful in whole or in part.

Depending on the circumstances, upon deployment of the sea anchor, your situation may stabilise and you may no longer be in peril. Selecting the proper vessel for 'assistance towing' as opposed to 'in distress' positions the Captain or representative better to to make decisions in a tough situation. 


Coppins is the only Para Sea Anchor company in the world capable of designing and manufacturing of a system tough enough to protect super yachts of any size.


Super Yacht Para Anchor Benefits

  • Reduces roll and pitch by stabilising the vessel
  • Lifesaving in storm conditions
  • Integrated tow line 
  • Drift control
  • Holds boat in position if a breakdown occurs
  • Customised components
  • Self contained user-friendly system
  • Backed with regular trials and testing
  • Comes ready to deploy
SuperYacht Sea Anchor

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Coppins has supplied Super Yacht Sea Anchors to a rapidly growing number of super yachts around the world. Contact us today to discuss your needs in relation to reducing risks and protecting your vessel.



Super Yacht Sea Anchor Components

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Incorporated Towing Line

Through constant innovation, we have developed a system that incorporates an emergency Towing System into the Coppins Super Yacht Sea Anchors. During an emergency situation created by weather or a mechanical issue, you simply need to deploy your Coppins Super Yacht Sea Anchor and it will hold you in place until repairs are complete or a towing vessel arrives on scene. Should the situation necessitate a tow, the towing vessel simply picks up the tow line attached to the sea anchor system and proceeds to tow you and your vessel to safer waters or harbor.



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SuperYacht Para Sea Anchor Specially Designed Custom Components:

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» Deployment System and Bag

Designed to be user friendly and safe. With the Coppins Super Yacht Sea Anchor everything is packed into the main bag for ease of deployment.

» Specialty Designed High Tenacity Rip Stop Nylon

This high tenacity ripstop fabric is custom designed for Coppins Sea Anchors, and is the strongest nylon developed to date for sea anchors applications. The way we cut our anchors takes advantage of the fabrics properties, multiplying their strength and allows the para anchor to stretch and move in the direction of the forces. This makes them stronger than other anchors and increases the tear strength of the stitch compared to that of any other para anchor on the market. 

» Adjustable Throat

 The adjustable throat of the Coppins Sea Anchor, located at the centre of the canopy works as a release valve and self adjusts to the weather conditions. The throat opens and closes in response to changing pressure, allowing the Super Yacht Sea Anchor to function efficiently in a range of conditions. In calmer conditions water flow through the throat is restricted, but as conditions worsen the throat automatically enlarges, allowing more water to escape.


» Rode Kit

A rode specifically designed to be used with the Coppins Super Yacht Sea Anchor is available as an optional extra. No extra fittings are required.


» Fully Integrated Floats

The Super Yacht Sea Anchor is designed with the main float incorporated into the deployment bag, rather than being stowed separately. There is no need to rig the system and it greatly reduces the risk of fouling during deployment. For safety reasons the main float contains two separate air compartments. These two airbags, incorporated into the deployment bag, are easily blown up through an attached valve. After use these airbags are deflated through double action release valves for storage.

» Tripline Recovery Float

A trip line above these floats attaches to a recovery float which also slips alongside the packed unit.

» Integrated Towline

The system itself is in fact a tow line. When the Super Yacht Sea Anchor is deployed there is a floating recovery line for vessels to pick up. When under tow the para anchor canopy as well as all other components become part of the tow line.



Super Yacht Captain Testimonial

"When I first discovered that there was a product that could be used for one of the most dangerous situations at sea for super yachts, I set about finding out more. Coppins Sea Anchors replied with the answer to my query - of course we do that. Thus began the making of the Sea Anchor which was supplied before our Atlantic crossing. Any Captains' fear of becoming broached in rough seas during a power failure, is somewhat reduced with having redundancy or a backup safety system to those measures. When the sea anchor was delivered and the crew trained in deployment, I was much happier, knowing that if an emergency arose, we had something that would give us some time to address the situation in some relative comfort.
Coppins pioneered this product for super yachts, but we hope that they are never used in the future - but its always best to be prepared."

Captain Nicholas Doyle