The Ship Steerage Product is unique in the world. The ability to safely and accurately manoeuvre extremely large vessels at low speeds in close proximity at sea opens up possibilities for military and commercial customers.

ship steerage sea anchor

Designed For:

Military and commercial customers looking to increase manoeuvrability and efficiency of ship steerage control of large vessels at low speeds. Deployed from the vessel or a secondary ship, the sea anchor is towed behind the vessel that is to be stabilised.

Specific Uses:

  • Dramatically increases stability, maneuverability, and control of large vessels in extremely close proximity to each other (7 metres) facilitating the transfer of cargo or equipment from one ship to another at sea

Size Range:

Custom built to order. No vessel is too big or too small

Product Development

Our brief was to design, test and manufacture a sea anchor system for the US Navy fleet to hold container ships in position to transfer cargo while in heavy winds and choppy waters. With the vessels abreast, the sea anchor is released electronically from its deployment bag, holding them at a safe speed, 7 metres apart, for several hours while the transfer takes place. The client had been seeking solutions for several years. The projects was a component of the US Navy’s STLVAST (Small to Large Vessel at Sea Transfer), in which the Navy wanted to be able to make sea-based transfers. Several components were needed: a very strong and light sea anchor, an electronic release system, a reliable deployment system, a robust buoy to hold the anchor at the right depth in changing conditions, and a compact shell to hold and protect all components.


The ShipSteerage para sea anchor gives military and commercial customers the ability to safely and accurately manoeuvre extremely large vessels at low speeds in close proximity at sea.

Ship Steerage Product Features

  • Stabilises large vessels at close quarters
  • Increases manoeuverability and ship steerage at low speeds
  • Extremely high loadings, 200 tons and above
  • Multiple deployment options
  • Varied applications

Key victories of the project

  • Electronic Radio Frequency remote controlled deployment
  • Effective connections to ropes and shrouds; and full deployment system
  • Custom shaped buoy for effective down force to facilitate deployment
  • We looked worldwide for the strongest material and components and developed many ourselves which combined for the best possible results, exceeding the expectations of the customer.

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