FPSO Para sea Anchor

Designed for:

FPSO, Oil Rigs, and other extremely large vessels.

Specific Uses:

  • The Coppins FPSO Para Anchor creates drag and stabilises the structure or vessel in question. Deployed during high winds or sea state should an emergency situation occur.

Size Range:

The FPSO Para Sea Anchor product range consists of 9 sizes of para anchors ranging in size for use on small structures and vessels to the largest Oil Rigs and FPSO's and barges in the world.


The product concept was borne out of conversations with operators within the Oil and Gas as well as Tug/Tow industries. After hearing many stories of incidences when vessels and structures had broke free and began to drift, sometimes in heavy weather situations, we developed a sea anchor for this application. Emergency situations happen at sea, a Coppins Sea Anchor represents a great insurance policy and last line of defense should the worst situation imaginable materialize.


 200 Ton MBL Tow cable chaffed through, resulting the the structure attached drifting for a week before lines could be re attached






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FPSO/ Oil Rig Sea Anchor Benefits

  • Significantly increasing safety for all sizes of vessels and structures and barges in extreme weather
  • Significantly reduces drift of large vessels and structures in extreme/emergency situations
FPSO/ Oil Rig Sea Anchor


Large vessels and structures can experience significant windage and are susceptible to unplanned acceleration during high sea states. Should the vessel or structure become detached and begin to drift a Coppins Para Anchor is the last line of defense to stabilise the vessel or structure in question until a time when it is feasible to re establish connection.


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Storm at sea for illustration purposes, Photo  Credit: TheMariner.co.uk

The Coppins Para Sea Anchor Under Tow


FPSO in tow