The STORMFIGHTER™ is by far the most compact, complete and fail safe sea anchor deployment system on the market. There is no need to purchase anything else; the kit is ready for quick and easy deployment when your life depends on it.


Designed for:

For serious off-shore sailing and recreational boating. A self-contained system which is essential safety equipment for anyone serious about survival and comfort, holding on station overnight, or in case of boat repairs in the open sea.


  • Life saving / riding out storms
  • Holding on station overnight
  • Significantly reducing drift towards hazards in the case of mechanical breakdown 


15 StormFighter sizes available, ranging from 2.5m in diameter up to a 24 meter diameter model.

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Coppins Sea Anchors are supplied fully equipped, thoroughly tested and ready for use. Additionally, we carry a full range of accessories for use with sea anchors and drogues.

Please note:

We are happy to review your existing sea anchor and rigging, and make recommendations on how you can get the most out of your  para anchor or drogue.


The StormFighter™ Sea Anchor

Stormfighter sea anchor kit

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Coppins StormFighter Uses


Coppins Sea Anchors have more than proved themselves in stormy conditions, reducing fatigue and exhaustion and saving many lives. The Coppins StormFighter™ has been through the ultimate storm of steep 80 ft breaking waves, and winds of between 130 and 140 knots, and gusting to 154 knots. See Charlie Blanchet and Des McGrath's survival story "To the storm and back" in our Survival Stories and Testimonials section. We have two or three crews a year tell us how the Coppins Sea Anchors saved their lives.

All fabrics and components have been specially designed and tested to meet the high loading and demands of a para anchor in extreme conditions. Please see our Technology & Awards section for more information

Regular trials have been carried out over the past 40 years to make sure the StormFighter™ is the strongest performing para anchor on the worldwide market. Please see our Research & Development section for information regarding Coppins innovations over the decades.


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 Coppins StormFighter Benefits

  • The only self-contained complete sea anchor system on the market
  • Safe and user-friendly
  • Reduces crew fatigue
  • Reduces wear and tear on gear
  • Reduces roll and pitch
  • Lifesaving in storm conditions
  • Creates better resting up overnight
  • Enables you to ride out heavy weather
  • Drift control
  • Holds boat in position if a breakdown occurs
  • Customised components,
  • Comes ready to deploy
  • Proven performance, backed with regular trials and testing


 The Complete Rode Kit 

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StormFighter Components

Unbeatable for strength, dependability, compactness and ease of use. Coppins offers a number of significant safety advantages over other sea anchors. This kit contains all the required components from a specially designed swivel cone to built-in floats.

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» 1.Stormfighter Deployment System and Bag

Designed to be user-friendly and safe. With the Coppins deployment bag, the canopy is packed into the main bag and the shrouds are packed into separate safety pockets sewn into the deployment bag. The main buoy contains two separate air components. When packed, the kit is tidy and compact and easy to stow and carry.




» 2.Specially Designed High Tenacity Ripstop Nylon

This high tenacity ripstop fabric is specially designed for the Coppins StormFighter™ Para Anchor and is the strongest nylon developed to date for para anchor applications. All panels are cut in a specific way to maximise the strength of the finished para anchor. This multiplies their strength, yet allows the StormFighter to stretch and move in the direction of the forces in extreme conditions. This makes the StormFighter stronger than other anchors para anchor on the market.

» 3. Adjustable Throat

The adjustable throat of the StormFighter™, located at the centre of the canopy, works as a valve and self adjusts to the weather conditions. The throat opens and closes in response to changing pressure, allowing the StormFighter™ to function efficiently in a range of conditions. In calmer conditions water flow through the throat is restricted, but as conditions worsen the throat automatically enlarges, allowing more water to escape.

» 4.Custom Rode Kit

A rode specifically designed to be used with the StormFighter™ is available as an optional extra. This is a 12 strand braid and is the optimum material for use. It comes with the stainless steel thimble spliced in, on the para anchor end. The other end has a clip to fasten to the rode deployment bag. A stainless steel shackle is also fitted, ready for deployment. No extra fittings are required.

Braided nylon does not want to unlay like three-strand rope. The nylon has more give than other types of rope such as polyester, reducing the strain on both boat and Para Anchor. The rode is made up to suit the size of the boat, ready to deploy.


This has been designed to make deployment of the rode safer, easier and problem-free. It can be stowed on deck in a suitable position and lashed down ready to deploy before you even begin your voyage. Both ends of the rode are clipped to the outside of the deployment bag for hassle-free access.


» 5.Chafing Sock

It is very simple to fit and is just slipped on to the rode and tied off at both ends. The chafing sock is an absolutely crucial component of a para anchor kit. It drastically increases safety for the vessel and functionality of the para anchor.

» 8.Fully Integrated Floats

Unlike other brands, the StormFighter™ is designed with the main float incorporated into the deployment bag, rather than being stowed separately. There is no unnecessary time spent rigging the system and it greatly reduces the risk of fouling during deployment. For safety reasons the main float contains two separate air compartments. These two airbags, are easily blown up by mouth (90 Seconds) through an attached valve. After use these airbags are deflated through double action release valves for compact storage.

» 9. Trip Line Recovery Float

A trip line above these floats attaches to a recovery float which also slips inside the packed unit.

» 10.Ripcord

The ripcord ensures everything stays in the deployment bag until it hits the water. The ripcord comes into action by pulling at the main rode. It opens the envelope flat, allowing first the shrouds and then the para anchor to deploy safely. This avoids the risks of tangles around on board rigging or the para anchor inflating before it hits the water, creating a potentially very serious situation. Its primary function it to allow the release of the deployment cap.

» 11.Stowage Compression Flaps

Once the Storm Fighter is packed, the deployment bag can be rolled up and the stowage compression flaps fitted. This compresses the deployment bag to a neat storable package.

» 12.Custom Stainless Steel Swivel Cone

This is the terminal point where the shrouds meet the rode. It is made from a high grade stainless steel with its own in-built swivel eliminating extra shackling and pre-assembly problems and possible fouling of lines. When not in use, the swivel cone is attached to the cap of the deployment.

The Stormfighter system has been thoroughly tested, proven and is ready to deploy, unlike other brands that need to be rigged.


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