The Sea Claw has been designed with unique features that ensure it stays in position rather than rising to the surface in heavy weather like many of our competitors' products, providing you with safety, comfort and peace of mind.

Seaclaw 8 004

Designed for

A drag device for multi-hull and mono-hull yachts


  • Stabilises the speed of multi hulls and mono hulls during running or broad reaching
  • Reduces the risk of broaching, nosediving or pitch poling, while greatly improving steering
  • Control and directional stability
  • Steering control in case of rudder damage

Unlike sea anchors such as the StormFighter and ParaFish, which are used off the bow of a boat, the SeaClaw drogue works off the stern. Designed for heavy weather, the SeaClaw is also superb for helping a vessel and assisting with steering when the rudder fails. Coppins Sea Anchors and Drogues are supplied fully equipped, thoroughly tested and ready for use. Additionally, we carry a full range of accessories for use with sea anchors and drogues.

Please note: We are happy to review your existing rigging, and make recommendations on how you can get the most out of your Coppins Sea Anchor or Drogue.


6 SeaClaw models for boats under 28 metres or 100 ft.

Summary of Coppins SeaClaw Benefits

  • Stabilises speed
  • Made from tough fabric with a PVC coating
  • Provides more consistent drag
  • Does not jump out of the waves, has a reverse thrust system
  • Built-in float for easy recovery, 
  • 6 to 1 dive ratio (60 metres of rode to 10 metres of depth in water)
  • Designed to hold itself in position in the worst sailable conditions, to date this design feature is unique amongst drogue manufacturers. Other manufacturers products often skim the surface  
  • Simple to deploy and compact to store in its own tote bag
SeaClaw™ Drogue

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The SeaClaw™ dives below the waves providing more consistent drag force, whereas the competition's products often just skims along the surface


To determine the ideal depth to operate your Coppins SeaClaw prior to deployment you estimate the height of the waves (eg 4 metres). You then take this estimate and add 5 metres (15 feet) to it (4m+5m=9m). Apply the ratio of 6:1 to establish the ideal length of rode to position your SeaClaw. This formula gives the appropriate length of rode and corresponding dive depth which enables the SeaClaw to work in the more stable water below the turbulence on the surface.

Engineering / Innovation Notes: The Coppins design team has applied award-winning technology to the SeaClaw drogue. It dives straight to the required depth and will not spiral, providing more consistent drag.

Seaclaw Features:

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» Custom Fabric and Coating

Made from a very tough fabric with a PVC coating and is small and compact for storage.

» Built-in Floats

Built-in float helps the SeaClaw to dive and stay at the required depth, plus makes for easy recovery by floating to the surface.

» Precise Dive Ratio for Consistent Drag Force

A 6 to 1 dive ratio (60 meters of rode to ten meters water depth) gives consistent pull. Designed to hold itself in position below turbulent waters, giving consistent drag in even the worst conditions.




» Unique Design

The SeaClaw does not jump out of waves and incorporates a reverse thrust system to reduce top-end speed, to date, this design feature is unique.

Sea Claw Drogue