Designed to give maximum drift control for medium to large marine vessels

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Designed for:

Designed for medium to large sized recreational fishermen, charter fishing boats and motor launches. A medium sized sea anchor designed for safety and comfort in a variety of circumstances as listed below. Not just a sound investment - a life saver!!!


  • Minimising drift
  • Holding on station overnight
  • Making boat repairs in the open sea


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Why a Limpet

The Limpet is an ideal tool to use when drift fishing or testing fishing grounds. Its quick and easy deployment makes it much more convenient that hauling in long lengths of ground anchor rope or chain. The Limpet can be just as important for fishing as the rod and reel. The Limpet makes impossible rough fishing conditions fishable. The Limpet comes as a complete kit ready to use, free of problems. It is quick to deploy and recover, light, easy to use and compact.

Large Limpet Uses

  • Drift fishing
  • Sport divers can use the Limpet to hold station while waiting for divers underwater to surface
  • Reduce speed when dredging for scallops and oysters
  • Can slow a boat while trolling
  • Can reduce sea sickness
  • Offer stabilisation while transferring crew or goods from vessel to vessel
Limpet™ (large)

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Limpet Benefits

  • Holds the boat steady
  • prevent swamping or capsising in rough weather
  • Safe customised components
  • Backed with regular trials and testing