Every Coppins Sea Anchor is built to the highest possible standards of precision engineering, with the latest technology available anywhere in the world.

Para Sea Anchor Technology

Materials and Design


At first it was a case of understanding the hydrodynamics of water, and the currents and forces that are created when a canopy is dragged through the water. This was then incorporated into the designing and shaping of Coppins Sea Anchor systems to ensure the hydrodynamics create maximum drag force.

It was not just a case of maximizing volumes of water to create drag as our competitors do in their designs. The key is in the shaping of the sea anchor to direct water movement, creating pressure in front and eddies on the back side of the para anchor. Much like an aeroplane wing creates maximum lift, the Coppins Sea Anchor creates maximum drag.

Our research on hydrodynamics enable us to make a more effective and efficient sea anchor. It also makes it more cost efficient, reducing the total weight, and more user-friendly. Pressure points are also eliminated to make an overall stronger product.

Para Sea Anchor Shape

When the best products and materials the world has to offer don’t meet our standards, we develop componentry and materials ourselves. Our award winning custom made fabrics and components as well as other para sea anchor technology are what set us apart from the competition.

Managing Director Bill Coppins explains: "We conduct worldwide searches for the best possible materials and components, and when these don’t meet our standards we design them ourselves. The fabric used in our new range of super strength commercial sea anchors, for example, was specially developed to our specifications to maximise strength while minimising weight. After a global search for the prefect deployment system for the U.S Navy's Ship to Ship Transfer System came up short, we designed it ourselves."

To ensure the engineering integrity of the overall anchor, Coppins customises and adapts componentry so it works together to safely distribute the stresses and strains sea anchors place on vessels. The fabric is  designed for its superior strength, resistance to wear and performance criteria. Every sea anchor is the result of qualified engineering expertise from initial design to precision testing and manufacture. Coppins Para Sea Anchors are built to the highest possible standards of engineering, with the latest technology and materials available anywhere in the world.



Awards for Technology and Innovation


Outdoor Fabric Products Association of New Zealand (OFPANZ)

Apprentice of the year


Industrial Fabrics Association International

Award of Excellence

Safety & Technical Products-Ship Steerage Para Anchor

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Outdoor Fabric Products Association of New Zealand (OFPANZ)

Award of Excellence
-Ship Steerage Control



NZ Supreme Winner Award
-Sea Anchor Technology

Industrial Fabrics Association International

Award of Excellence

- Para Sea Anchor


OFPANZ NZ Supreme Award



OFPANZ Design Award

-Sea Claw


OFPANZ Industry Award

-Sea Claw


OFPANZ Design Award

-Storm Fighter

OFPANZ Design Award


8 Reasons why Coppins Technology is the best in the world

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» 1.Innovative Research & Design

Coppins has a continuing program of research and development, with stringent testing and meticulous attention to detail in their quest for the ultimate sea anchor. This intensive program ensures that Coppins Sea Anchors lead the field in technology and design. The company works year-round, and at times with some of the world’s leading researchers, to stay in front. Every sea anchor is the result of qualified engineering expertise from initial design to testing for safety, strength and precision. See our R&D page for information on our methodology and real world tests.

» 2.Extensive Range

Coppins has the world’s largest range of styles and sizes of sea anchors, over 120 in total, in addition to our ability to custom make a para anchor for any application, for any vessel. No other sea anchor manufacturer can say this. This advantage gives us superior technical knowledge about sea anchor performance across the board. Whether for small pleasure craft, ocean-going fishing and commercial vessels, super yachts or massive Navy vessels, we ensure that you get exactly what you need, specifically suited for your purpose.

» 3.Custom Materials and Components

Specially made high tenacity nylon, combined with high tech super strength custom made webbing combine to create the strongest sea anchors on the planet. Reinforced lap-fold seams are used, resulting in lightweight, high strength sea anchors. These are packed in fully self-deploying that bags deliver a turn key package to customers. We use up to six types of specialty super strength nylon webbing in each sea anchor, each chosen for its particular strength, stretch and resistance to chafing. We search the world for the best materials, but quite often we have to have these specially designed to meet our own specifications and expectations. This use of custom componentry is what set Coppins apart from the competition.

As an example, the sewing was identified as the weakest part of any para anchor. Coppins undertook an intensive search to find thread that was not only the strongest in the world, but would also have sufficient stretch and loading to match the movement of the sea anchor. More than 30 brands of threads were tested from all over the world before a selection was made.


» 4.Proven Unparalleled Experience

A wealth of information has been built up over decades of designing, manufacturing and testing sea anchors and related products all over the world. Four generations of Coppins expertise is incorporated into all our products and as a customer, our expertise is at your disposal.

» 5.Patented Technology

Our next generation materials and designs have opened the way for our new range of Coppins Super Strength Sea Anchors, providing an industrial level of strength and control which prior to our research & development was not possible. This technology has led to new products suitable for super yachts and larger ships, including use in towing large vessels, the oil industry and for military purposes. Other leading technology includes our unique deployment systems, the adjustable throat, and swivel cone design.

» 6.Rigorous Testing

Coppins products are tested relentlessly, often to destruction, to find any weakness and fine-tune the related design and performance. As well as rigorous trials with a variety of ocean-going vessels, tests often use powerful local tidal currents, for rapid, year-round development which enables us to quickly demonstrate proof of concept and refine design ideas, which we then scale up for large scale product testing.

» 7.Commitment to Excellence

The Coppins team is 100% committed to being the best sea anchor company in their field. Today the Coppins team is renowned internationally for quality, innovation and design. The company's stringent standards are evident in all their products.

» 8. Deployment System Innovations

The complexities involved with deploying large sea anchors needed to be worked out. For large scale applications, custom deployment systems need to be created. We now have this technology within our product portfolio and while they may be built on a case by case basis, many of our large scale deployment systems are "off the shelf", user friendly, and complete product systems. We have tested hundreds of different sizes of industrial strength para anchors and related deployment systems, including radio controlled and mechanical, as well as assisted and automatic release systems. We have tested our deployment systems on all types and sizes of boats from tiny ocean-going craft to military vessels up to 41,000 tons. We have been 100% successful in developing deployment system technology for our clients around the globe. We now have at our disposal a variety of deployment systems in production that are ready to go. Please Contact Us today and let us put Coppins Technology to work on your vessel.

Coppins Commercial & Industrial Para Sea Anchor Technology