Four generations of New Zealanders striving to be the best in the world. The oldest family-owned textile company in the southern hemisphere.


The Coppins Sea Anchor History

The Coppins family business has been producing and servicing textile products for marine use since 1898.  We have been designing and manufacturing award-winning para sea anchors for more than 40 years and can proudly say we make the world's toughest sea anchors.


Four generations of Coppins'

colum history

W A Coppins (circa 1904), Founder and Manager until 1959

Leo Coppins, his son, Manager 1959 to 1979

Bill Coppins, grandson, Director 1979 to present

Ryan Coppins, great-grandson, Operations Manager


Coppins Para Sea Anchor Ryan and Bill

Bill and Ryan Coppins

 Bill and Ryan Coppins 2014

Coppins' head quarters is based in Motueka, New Zealand. We have combined our love of the sea with our determination to become world leaders in sea anchor design.

Today the award winning Coppins team is renowned internationally for quality, innovation and design. Our company's stringent standards are evident in all our products, leading us to be the supplier of choice for custom, large scale, high strength commercial sea anchor solutions, as well as sea anchors for yachties and pleasure boaters alike. 

'We have made a commitment to stay number one in the world. With more than 40 years design experience behind us, we have refined our technology and designs with our sheer determination to ensure we are a step ahead of the rest.' Bill Coppins, Managing Director.

Award Winning Sea Anchors

Managing Director, Bill Coppins has taken the company to new heights and into new product markets. Our cutting edge sea anchors are saving lives and providing comfort and peace of mind for a myriad of applications. Coppins' ground breaking designs have won multiple major international awards between 2002 and 2012. These are in addition to national awards for innovation received in New Zealand. The Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI), based in Roseville Minnesota USA, described the company’s success as 'defying design boundaries to produce unique, innovative and functional products.'

Coppins supply sea anchor products to many industrial and commercial customers, most notably of late for the U.S Navy as well as the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA/Coast Guard). These contracts have led us around the world to test our products in extreme conditions. We are proud to say we have exceeded expectations and project requirements, delivering successfully every time. Our 100% track record is something we are very proud of. We have worked with leading international researchers such as SRI International based in California, in pursuit of ever-increasing levels of safety and excellence. Our products have stabilised everything from sport fishing boats and Military R.I.B's all the way up to U.S Navy vessels, as well as some of the biggest tug boats in the world like those owned by Fairmount Marine.


The New Zealand Story

It should not be surprising that the world’s best sea anchors come from New Zealand.

New Zealand has 16,000 km (10,000 miles) of coastline, and the fourth largest marine environment in the world. For decades our country has produced the world's best sailors, yachting designs, sail-makers and related technology. 

new zealand map, para sea anchor

New Zealand map

We are a nation of innovators, explorers and adventurers. New Zealanders were first to climb the world’s highest mountain, to split the atom, and to drive to the South Pole.

The country has sailed in every final of the America’s Cup since 1992.  In that time, every winning team has been led or skippered by a Kiwi (including Sir Russell Coutts, the greatest America’s Cup sailor ever). Even in 2013, when Oracle Team USA beat Emirates Team NZ 9–8 in the final, the Oracle boat won with New Zealand technology, leadership and crew.

New Zealand yachts are world leaders; yachts designed by Bruce Farr, for example, have won the Round the World races five times from 1986, and the Sydney to Hobart race 15 times. Kiwi hero Sir Peter Blake scored a clean sweep in the Round the World race in 1989. New Zealand Super Yacht builders Alloy Yachts won Best Sailing Yacht over 40 Metres from the International Super Yacht Society in 2012 with their Super Yacht 'Vertigo'. With only 4 million people, New Zealand has won 18 Olympic gold medals on the water from 1984.

Sailing, Americas Cup, Para Sea Acnhor

Oracle Team USA may have won the Americas Cup..... but they did it with Kiwis and Kiwi technology. Just ask Sir Russell Coutts, CEO on Team Oracle....a Kiwi.

 When individuals and businesses want the best marine technology the world has to offer they come to New Zealand.

 americas cup

New Zealanders have a reputation for fresh thinking, adventure, invention and discovery.  Where others see barriers, we have a reputation for seeing possibilities…... Coppins has a long history of evaluating those possibilities, developing solutions, and making them work in practice. We are quite literally oceans ahead of the competition.

Coppins History