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Coppins provides the most advanced sea anchor technology in the world - competitively priced for offshore boats of all kinds; recreational, industrial, commercial, and military.     read more

Sea Anchor Research & Development

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Coppins has developed the most advanced sea anchor technology in the world through our extensive Research & Development processes and methodology. read more

Survival Stories & Testimonials

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Every year we have Captains and crew tell us how their Coppins Sea Anchor saved their lives. In this picture the 53 metre 'Daniel Solomar' hangs off a Coppins Sea Anchor in... read more



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Para Sea Anchor StormFighter Diagram


Sea Anchors,

Sometimes known as a Para Anchor or Para Sea Anchor, this device is used to stabilise boats of all sizes in heavy weather. It resembles an underwater parachute, made from high strength materials, impervious to sea water and resistant to wear, which increases the drag through the water and acts as a brake for the vessel. Attached to the bow in extreme weather, it turns the vessel into the oncoming waves, reducing drift and providing a higher level of stability, safety and control.

For 40 years Coppins has made the world's toughest Para Sea Anchors. International awards and large scale commercial para sea anchor contracts speak to this, as do the lives and vessels of customers who survived the storm because they bought the best.

In the last 10 years Coppins has pushed the boundaries in relation to what is possible in the field of Commercial Sea Anchors. Previously, strength and size constrained the applications for sea anchors to those commonly used for fishing and recreational yachts. Through our technological developments we can now produce sea anchors for much larger applications with significantly increased strength. Coppins is now fully capable of producing sea anchor solutions for the largest vessels in the world. Having made all the technological innovations ourselves, we are alone in the world for this capability. We now bring our technology to a wide range of marine related applications never thought possible before, from container ships to the biggest tankers. The possibilities are endless. Imagination and insight are the only limitations in relation to applications for this new breed of Coppins Sea Anchors. For some examples of this please see our Super Strength Commercial Sea Anchor product range to see how we have pushed the boundaries of conventional marine drag devices.

Whatever your business on the water, a Coppins Sea Anchor is the answer for a multitude of reasons, from safety and comfort as well as time saving and economic viability. Find out why Coppins Sea Anchors are superior on our Technology, or Research and Development page.

A Coppins Sea Anchor is not just a sound investment - it could save your life!!

 A Coppins Sea Anchor will

Keep the bow to the wind

Eliminate broaching

Eliminate capsize

Reduce rolling

Assist the well-being of crew

 and provides a Sailor with

Self Sufficiency 


 Saving Time & Money

Drift control, Stabilization

Help finding land safely


Please see our 'Sea Anchor Technology' & 'Sea Anchor Research and Development'  sections for more details